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Welcome to the new Ride a Wave Design website

Welcome to the new Ride a Wave Design website!

We’ve given the website a complete makeover giving it that lovely ‘new car smell’. With the success of our comic con stall we have updated and expanded the shop section of our website. The site is now a lot slicker, more streamlined, more efficient, more UX friendly and every other web design keyword we can think of.

We’re quite happy with the new look, hopefully it works better on mobile devices too. Drop us a line if you have any thoughts on the new site!

Ride a Wave Design new website

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Flying Circus Tattoo

I have built a new website for Wolverhampton base tattoo studio Flying Circus Tattoo. April contacted me requiring a website for her business that they could add their latest work to and allow the visitor to book an appointment as well as read information about the studio and how they work. The website also has a blog to allow them to update with latest news.

The site is built to be responsive meaning it is optimised for all screen sizes and looks great if viewed on mobile, desktop or tablet.

The site was designed in Photoshop and built using html5, css3, jQuery and PHP. It utilises WordPress for it’s CMS.

Flying Circus Tattoo

Check it out at:

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Website Plans

Big website plans are on the way! It’s been a while now since I’ve updated my site or posted anything on here. Life just get’s in the way sometimes but I have some big plans for this website. A full redesign is under way with a more focussed vision on the services I offer. Ride a Wave has been running since 2008 and has come a long way in the last seven years!

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Great Members of History website live!

I have created a website for manchester based cartoonist Daniel Allegra. He required a website to promote his new book, have a look and see what you think!

The website was build using html 5, css 3, jQuery and it used WordPress as its CMS. It is built to be responsive and adapt to the device it’s being viewed on.

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Allegra Toon Studio Website Live

Allegra Toon Studio is a responsive website created for freelance cartoonist and caricaturist Daniel Allegra. Daniel wanted a website that shows off his work and the services he offers. The site is bright and colourful complimenting his cartoon style, drop down menus are used to prevent the site from being too text heavy.

The site is built using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and WordPress.

Allegra Toon Studio

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First Contact Fitness new website

This is a responsive website built for Warrington based fitness instructor Danny Alcock. Danny wanted a his site to work in conjunction with his Facebook page to show his followers the latest fitness programmes he runs. The site is built using WordPress as a contact management system to allow Danny to easily edit the content of his site.

Danny wanted a gritty, bootcamp feel to his site to represent the hardcore nature of his fitness classes. The site is built using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and WordPress.

First Contact Fitness

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A reflection on working freelance for a year

Today marks a whole year I have been self employed as a web designer/developer. It has gone extremely fast and I have learnt so much in this time.

My main reason for originally going freelance was to offer clients a personal approach to their web design. Rather than dealing with various people at a larger company all their dealings would be with me and their vision for their website would not be lost along the way. Working freelance has allowed me to communicate more with my clients and I feel this has greatly benefited the quality of work produced.

My learning experience this year has not just been web design related. I’ve learnt how to successfully present myself as a reliable business, organise my accounts and deal with a lot more responsibilities than I would normally.

It has been a huge adjustment working from my home office, after the initial novelty wears off it has been important to discipline myself and ignore any distractions. I’ve learnt to separate my home life from my work life despite the two being in such close proximity.

I’m hoping the success of my first year working freelance will carry on into the next and I will continue to work with such fantastic clients.

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Ride a Wave site redesign

I have completely redesigned this website and it is now in it’s fourth official version…or maybe fifth, the less said about the first two the better!

This website is again made to be responsive like the portfolio site I made last year only this time it has a much more personal tone to it. I have been a freelance web designer for about a year now and am re-thinking the way I work. My previous website referred to myself as a business “Ride a Wave Design”, as a freelance web designer this can give the appearance that you are a much larger company. I would like to be reaching potential clients more on a personal level than a business level which is the main reason I’ve changed the site around.

I have re-added my old animation videos and changed the ‘graphic design’ section to an illustration section to include personal work. The website still shows my skills but has a much less business tone to it which I felt was very important to represent myself.

Now entering my second year as a freelance web designer I am thinking more about the clients I want to be working with and why they would choose me by simply looking at my website.

I hope you like the new site, I haven’t gone into too much technical detail but it is made using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, WordPress and PHP.


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The Old Vicarage Day Nursery Website

This is a website I have built for a day nursery based in Warrington. The design of the site was done by Graphic Designer Jonathan brooks and I built the site around the design. The website utilises WordPress to allow the nursery to log in and update the site and has a blog which allows them to update parents with the latest news from the nursery.

The website also features private gallery pages which the parents will need to log in to keeping the site as secure as possible which is important for a nursery website. It is built using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and PHP.

To view the site please visit