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A reflection on working freelance for a year

Today marks a whole year I have been self employed as a web designer/developer. It has gone extremely fast and I have learnt so much in this time.

My main reason for originally going freelance was to offer clients a personal approach to their web design. Rather than dealing with various people at a larger company all their dealings would be with me and their vision for their website would not be lost along the way. Working freelance has allowed me to communicate more with my clients and I feel this has greatly benefited the quality of work produced.

My learning experience this year has not just been web design related. I’ve learnt how to successfully present myself as a reliable business, organise my accounts and deal with a lot more responsibilities than I would normally.

It has been a huge adjustment working from my home office, after the initial novelty wears off it has been important to discipline myself and ignore any distractions. I’ve learnt to separate my home life from my work life despite the two being in such close proximity.

I’m hoping the success of my first year working freelance will carry on into the next and I will continue to work with such fantastic clients.

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