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The hardest part about starting an illustration market stall

As some of you may know last weekend was my first market stall selling my illustrations at Spinningfields in Manchester. The weeks running up to the stall were spent getting my artwork together, sending everything to the printers, organising how the stall with look, packaging everything and making it look at professional as possible.

The hardest part however was that this was the first time I’ve put my personal work on display to the general public. This isn’t even a specialist gallery or exhibition, in my mind it was scarier because anyone walking past on the street can see and judge my work. I’m usually quite an introverted person so this is the first time I’ve allowed my work to be opened up to criticism or praise from not only my friends and illustrator peers but anyone who happens to be walking through the market.

The thought of getting negative comments about my personal work is a lot scarier when in person than a comment on Facebook so it took a lot of courage to take the initial leap. Thankfully reaction to my work has been extremely positive, I was able to get feedback on which items and designs people like best in a much more direct way than on social media. Sales were better than I expected and now the hardest part is over I’ll be able to expand my stall and focus more on what people like best.

Getting negative criticism to your face is a scary thought while you have all your personal work on display in front of you but even if I got a negative comment it’s all subjective so if/when that happens I’ll just remember the praise my work has got from so many people.

Thanks everyone who showed their support, my next stall will be on Sunday 30th April at Didsbury Makers Market!

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