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Superhero Vulnerabilities Illustrations

I’ve produced a series of super hero illustrations based on famous Marvel and DC comic book characters showing their vulnerabilities and flaws. Even the people who seem the strongest can have the deepest issues they deal with on a personal level.

Showing a super hero/villains flaws reveals a more relatable side to them as we all have our own vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Hopefully these illustrations show their human side in a light-hearted way, let me know what you think!

Superman Funny Illustration

Spiderman Funny Illustration

Batman Funny Illustration

Magneto Funny Illustration

Aquaman Funny Illustration

Storm Comic Funny Illustration

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Christmas cards for sale on Etsy

With Christmas getting closer and closer I have added a few Christmas card designs to Etsy. Take a look at them here:

The cards are 6″x6″ in size and come with a white envelope in a cellophane bag, printed on 300gsm card with a matte finish.

Each of them features a cute design, perfect for sending to loved ones this Christmas.

Flying Circus Tattoo

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Utilising Social Media

After take a break from my Facebook page for a couple of years I have started posting on there again. Facebook is a great way to reach a wide audience so I’m hoping more people will be able to see my work.

If you don’t already like my page, it can be found here:

I will regularly be adding new sketches and artwork, a simple like can go a long way so check out my page if you like my work!