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The Gig Etiquette

The Gig Etiquette is a website I have designed and built to experiment with responsive web design techniques. It is a tongue in cheek look at how people can act at gigs and how annoying and tedious these people are.

I go to a lot of gigs and find myself getting increasingly annoyed by people who don’t understand how to act in public. Maybe one day the world will look upon the gig etiquette as a site that changed the world and made it a better place to go to gigs. Or maybe these people will carry on being complete jerks while we pray that the next gig we go to is not ruined by them,

I also used the opportunity to experiment with responsiveness and fluid layouts for future work. To view the site please visit:

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Primavera Sound 2012

I have recently returned from Primavera Sound 2012 in Barcelona. It has been the most intense five days of non-stop face melting, ear blowing, head exploding music. Highlights included:

The Wedding Present performing Sea Monsters, Archers of Loaf playing in the tiny Ray Ban Unplugged tent, Mudhoney, Beirut, Dirty Three, The Cure, Harvey Milk, Refused, Shellac and Yo La Tengo.

Such an incredible festival with such diverse and insanely good music ranging from Indie, folk, electronic to Doom, Noise, Drone and Metal.

Shellac at Primavera Sound 2012

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Manchester Music Venues Website

Manchester Music Venues is a website I have built as a guide to small venues across Manchester. When I first moved to Manchester in 2010 I had no idea which venues were the best and even where any of them were. Having been living here for two years now and been to plenty of gigs I have created this site as a guide to small music venues across Manchester.

The site is built using HTML 5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP and WordPress. The information was written by myself and a fellow gig go’er and photos taken by myself.

To view the site please visit

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My New Blog

I have decided to implement a WordPress blog into my website. Mainly because I want to gain more experience using WordPress and improve my knowledge of using WordPress to create my own templates. I’m not sure how much I will update this, maybe just with photos or drawings or rambling about gigs I’ve been to…I guess we’ll see!

I’ve been designing websites professionally since 2008 and am always trying to broaden my knowledge. While PHP can be a little daunting at first I have picked up WordPress quite quickly and it is probably the best way for me to learn.

An exciting thing about starting a blog is, if I keep it up long enough, I will be able to look back on old web design posts and see myself grow as a web designer. Well hopefully!